To Foster is to Share Heart and Home with a Child

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We have developed two educational presentations that our staff can offer at your school, agency or group at any time.

Different Kinds of Families is a presentation for children/youth which talks about the different types of families that exist in our communities today. It is used to dialogue with children and youth about foster care and answer any questions that they might have. It also helps to reduce the stigma that still exists for children in care. 

Teachers have told us that this information fits with the themes of inclusion, and allowed for thoughtful discussion amongst students. We also find that it fits with grades who have units on family composition, and it also acknowledges the importance of cultural traditions and practices in families, thus, keeping with curriculum outcomes.

Presentations are available in three different formats depending on the age range of the audience/group.

Foster Care: What You Need to Know is a presentation for adults who would like to learn more about foster care in our province, the work of the Provincial Association, and the process of how to apply to become a foster family if they are interested.

If you would like to discuss this further, please call Lori at 754-0213, 877-754-0218 (toll free) or email

If would like to see copies of the Power Point presentations used for these presentations, this can also be arranged.

Please note: We are able to modify presentations to meet your group's needs.

Comments from students who have received the presentations:

"I learned that foster care is not always a bad thing".

"Kids in foster care are just like me".

"It's not the kid's fault that they are in foster care".

"I learned about famous people who were in foster care when they were little".

"There's lots of different kinds of families".

Comments from teachers who have received the presentation:

"This is important information for students to have".

"I learned a lot here today".

"This was great, thank you!"