To Foster is to Share Heart and Home with a Child

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What's New?

June 2017
Our Annual symposium was a great success. Please see the "2017 Annual Symposium" link to the left for an update.

July 2017: 

Peer Mentoring Program

The Provincial Association is currently developing a Peer Mentoring Program. The aim of this program is for experienced foster parents (with five years or more experience) to provide support to new foster parents who are just starting out. This can involve answering questions or providing a listening ear.

We have developed a pamphlet which will be shared with all foster parents in the coming months. Anyone who's interested in becoming a Peer Mentor will complete an application form. The application must be supported by a recommendation from the family's social worker and required training. The training program is now complete.  Keep an eye out in the July newsletter for an update.

Change in Department Name:

The responsibilities of the former Department of Child, Youth and Family Services and the former Department of Seniors, Wellness and Social Development were combined into the new Department of Children, Seniors and Social Development. This change was announced on August 17, 2016. 

Further information can be obtained by accesing the Deparment website at